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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  January 8, 2011 8:00am-9:30am EST

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injured millions left homeless. it's been frustrating to watch how slow the rebuilding process has been. it's a story that's close to my heart. i'm going to head back to port-au-prince to see where the money you donated is being spent. join us next week for a special edition of "sgmd." more news on cnn starts now. good morning. an intense search for a suspect is under way in the nation's capital after a package is found at a washington post office. it was addressed to janet napolitano. we have the latest on the investigation. we are tracking a developing story that puts wikileaks, julian assange and twitter at the center of a court order.
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what it means to the controversial sight and the rights of anyone using social medi medias. the androids they are so 2010. we are going to show you the next generation of e lelectron s electronics. it's early and we are on it. this is "cnn saturday morning." this is january 8th. i'm randi kay in for t.j. holmes. security is on alert this morning after an envelope addressed to janet napolitano ignited. it comes on the heels of two packages that in maryland that injured two employees. we have the latest. >> reporter: the device was found at this postal sorting facility addressed to homeland
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security janet napolitano. it ignited when a postal worker through it into a bin. >> it was popping, smoking with a brief flash of fire then it went out and extinguished itself. >> reporter: it looked and acted like two devices found thursday in maryland one addressed to the governor the other to the secretary of transportation. they were in a white box about the size of what would hold a vhs tape. notes read report suspicious activity total expletive. you have created a fulfilling prophesy. the superintendent of the maryland state police said there are no suspects and no claims of responsibility. >> we have to make sure we go after this person and get them off the street and behind bars.
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these kind of things are very, very dangerous. we don't know where the person is going with it. we don't know who it is or what they are thinking about now but we are concerned ant it. >> reporter: they will determine where the packages were mailed. meanwhile, investigators have forensic material to work with because the packages did not incinerate. they will be analyzed at the fbi lab. meanwhile, authorities are on the lookout for additional suspicious packages. back to you. >> thank you. twitter is ordered to hand other information involving wikileaks and julian assange. the justice department wants subscriber names, screen names and addresses. it's part of the investigation into the leak of thousands of sensitive government documents and the involvement of private bradley manning. manning is accused of giving the information to wikileaks. we'll have much more on the
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story throughout the morning. it is coming up on three minutes past the hour. time for a check of the weather with meteorologist reynolds wolf. good to see you, again. >> good to see you. i wish i had better news for the weather. in the northeast, in some respects we dodged a bullet. we had the possibility of heavy snowfall. parts of new york state might get heavy snow. not what we expected. we are seeing snow pile up south of new york along the jersey shore. philadelphia scattered snow showers. to the west, philadelphia, right along 95, we are seeing one line of snow showers coming through. by the time all is said and done, new york may have two to five inches of snowfall in the city itself. up state, anywhere from five to ten is a possibility. it's going to be in the southeast where you have the focus of winter weather that may pile up. yes, you might have snow in the rockies but here is the area of low pressure.
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it's a rainmaker that might be a real big player in the forecast for a couple days. atlanta, 42 degrees for the temperature. the high for the day. wind coming from the north. the wind with the area of low pressure from the south or southeast, southwest is going to make a difference in the forecast. it's going to bring ice to the southeast. some places a quarter inch of us or a full inch of ice. it could be crippling for power lines, tree damage, roadways could have issue. 65, 75 or parts of the i-10 corridor. we have winter storm watches and warnings in effect for the appalachians. the way it's going to come into play, the low pulls along the northern gulf coast. it's going to interact with the air from the north. the moisture from the gulf of mexico and the moisture, you could see icy situations. widespread delays in atlanta, nashville and the nation's
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capitol. we could see a frustrating weekend for travelers. the roads and airports could be very frustrating to say the least. >> as far as airlines no major cancellations yet. >> nothing yet. there's going to be the possibility later this morning or tomorrow they pile up. >> all right. we'll be ready for it. thank you, reynolds. here are the other stories we are watching. people in northeast australia haven't seen the worst of flooding yet. they could see two more months of rain. massive swelling is bigger than the state of texas washing away homes and roads. it could take years to repair the 20,000 miles of roads. new york police are looking for this man in the killing of a tourist in a manhattan hotel. police say a 65-year-old man was
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beaten to death at the hotel. we'll bring more details on this story as we get them. new information in the investigation of a former pentagon official's death. john wheeler called for a cab to take him from wilmington, delaware and philadelphia but disappeared before it arrived. police are looking for suspects and trying to figure out where wheeler was killed. a tearful reunion overnight for a pair of sisters who walked out of the mississippi prison on friday. cnn was there for the reunion. they were released after 16 years on the condition gladys scott donates a dkidney to her ailing sister. otherwise, they wait until 2014 for their first chance of parole. they spoke to soledad o'brien.
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>> at one point, i knew i wouldn't make it to 2014. i thought i was going to die because it seemed like my body was going down. my spirit was going down with it. >> we gonna fight this. i said your grandson needs you. she told me, she said you going to give me your kidney? i said yeah we both going to have one prison walking out of prison. >> they drove to pensacola, florida for the reunion of their mother and their own children. unemployment dropped from 9.8% to 9.4%. the 9.4% is the lowest since 2009. the biggest drop in more than a decade. there's two sides to the story. it's due to if addition of 103,000 jobs. it's also because of the 260,000 people falling off the roles. that means they have given up
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hope and no longer actively looking for work. finally, most people go to the mall to shop, not get married. itis what one boston couple did, flash mob style. at the right time, people started popping out of the crowd, singing and dancing. it was nerve-racking to arrange, but what they hoped for. >> it came to us at the dinner table. she's a dancer and i'm a musician. this was a way of us fusing our loves. >> so how long did it take to plan? >> three weeks. >> it is show and tell this morning as well. we head to las vegas to show the latest and greatest tech gadgets to hit the market. plus, elvis press li music on what would have been his 76th
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and platinum plus installed in your whole house for only 37 bucks. ♪ something i might have said ♪ please forget my past ♪ the future looks bright ahead ♪ ♪ don't be cruel ♪ to a heart that's true >> it is 11 minutes past the hour. so glad to have you with us.
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time to head across the country. ♪ are you lonesome tonight note do you miss me tonight ♪ >> that is edison pena. he serenaded me with an elvis song a few weeks ago. he led the chilean miners while they were trapped in the mine. he got a tour of graceland. he calls it a trip of a lifetime. he said being able to see it myself i feel in the clouds. a close call in texas. a father and his year old daughter are recovering after a traffic accident. their pick up hit a hog and burst into flames when they flung into a tree. dad and his little girl were not seriously hurt. check out this video from fairfield, connecticut. kind of unusual to see an
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electric wheelchair on the side of a highway. it is illegal to travel on the highway in a wheelchair or scooter. autism and vaccinations may not be related at all. before you decide, one mother wants you to hear her story. is . you both get a fresh salad and irresistible cheddar bay biscuits. two entrees, from a menu of classic favorites and new creations. and your choice of either an appetizer or a dessert to share. your favorite seafood with your favorite person, just $29.99. for a limited time at red lobster. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. your favorite seafood with your favorite person, just $29.99. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's.
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a landmark medical report on autism is being called into question this week. the british medical journal is
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calling dr. andrew wakefield's 1998 study a fraud saying he mislead the medical community and parents. he defended himself during an interview with anderson cooper. >> the claims as to whether it harmed the children or not came from the parents not me. i didn't have a preconceived notion. i hadn't heard of autism since medical school. these are claims by the best people in the world. they came to the diagnosis, not me. >> we should explain that most of the other authors listed in the study have taken their names off the report. the british journal retracted saying the science was flawed. now, we have gone from flawed to claims of outright fraud. it hasn't ended the debate. some parents are steadfast in the link between vaccines and
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autism. we have one mother's story. >> reporter: he's a teenager with a severe form of autism. robert fletcher still has the meantal age of a small child. >> clever boy. >> reporter: can't walk or speak or feed himself since his mother took him for a routine vaccination as a baby. >> i'm wholly convince, and have been from the beginning because the reaction he had ten days after the vaccine was given was such a major reaction. here he is at six months. >> reporter: he was a bright, curious baby, learning to stand, even mouth his first words. then he started having fits and the spark in his eyes she says faded. >> even though you know there's a body of scientific evidence that that link between mmr and
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autism, doctors, scientists around the world say it's not true. you still cling on to the idea. >> they say it's not caused by vaccines they don't cause harm. look at the drug companies product sheets. in there, they list the adverse reactions associated with the products. >> clever boy. yes. >> her belief and that of thousands of other distressed parents is that those adverse reactions aren't quite as rare as made out. the fact is, this idea that autism and other conditions in people like robert can be explained by a vaccine has sunk deep into the popular imagination. despite no evidence of linking many parents are not giving children the vaccinations they
8:18 am
need for fear of what might happen. in britain they have seen a pling in mmr vaccination rates. a group set up by jackie fletcher in 1994 years before the discredited wakefield study published. still advises parents not to give their kids the shot. it exposes children to fatal diseases and is irresponsible. >> i think it's irresponsible for the department of health not to provide a full range of choice. >> see the cat. what does the cat say? >> though proven wrong, fraudulent experts many parents the mmr autism link endures. perhaps the comfort of an explanation for a child's illness even from flawed science is difficult to let go. matthew chance, cnn in warrington new england.
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the newest tech ganlg es on display in las vegas. plus, we go over the nabig name that is could have an impact on the race for the white house in 2012.
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♪ be my little good luck charm ♪ you sweet delight ♪ i want a good luck charm >> welcome back. a new tablet some are calling the ipad killer. a camera that lets you shoot in 3-d and a laptop you can watch in 3-d on the go. it's what's available at the consumer electronic show in las vegas. mario armstrong is joining us from there. good to see you, mario. >> hey, randi. early morning to you. >> you, too. the motorola dubbed as an ipad killer. it's a lot to live up to. >> it is a lot to live up to in terms of the expectation. it is absolutely living up to that expectation and exceeding it. it's the hottest buzz here at
8:23 am
the consumer electronics show. everyone is talking about it. it has the capabilities the other products have. the biggest one is this is made by the google android operating system which is running the newest version of the operating system called honeycomb. it's a big deal. it's designed for this form factor. it's going to play out in how you use it and the applications you can use with it. it's a 10.1 inch screen. light in the hand. very, very solid competitor in the tablet cat gar. 720 hd display. it's going to have fast speed. you connect to the 3-g network and you can upgrade to the 4-g network through verizon. >> anyone who got an ipad for christmas is cringing now. i know you have a couple thicks
8:24 am
for us. >> absolutely we do. >> one shoots in 3-d and the other to play in 3-d. walk us through those? >> that's right. 3-d was a big push last year and continues this quleyear. you have the wx-9. it's a digital still camera that shoots video. it can take pictures in 3-d. >> wow. >> looks beautiful. here is one thing that caught my attention. video. i think families are going to love this because it's small. you can shoot birthday parties, graduations, celebrations in 3-d and look at the screen without glasses, without 3-d glasses to see what you just shot in 3-d. >> that is very cool. >> yeah, very cool. >> not everybody is walking around with 3-d glasses. you have one more thing for us
8:25 am
for the older consumers. something about a health monitor. >> yes. yes. yes. a health monitor. this is getting a lot of buzz. mobile health is getting a lot of buzz at the show. it's a whole category, a tech zone. you can track and follow seniors or grant parents or those you want to be alerted to if they move out of a certain zone or area. it has games and communication. web portal. the key is, you can have your iphone and be sent alerts from this system right to your iphone. this is great for the distant family members that want to connect to you but can't afford around the clock service or in a nursing home. being able to accommodate those type of problems. >> that's amazing. if there isn't a lot of activity around the monitor, the family
8:26 am
is alerted and can check on their older relative. >> that's right. medication reminders and alerts. i'm touching the surface of it. it's a well thought out personal help type of system that helps you help your family better manage health care. >> all right. go get busy. you are going to come back in the 10:00 hour to find other cool gadgets. one is a product that lets you upgrade your tv into an internet tv. we'll check that out in our 10:00 hour. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] alli works when you work.
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just about 30 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i'm randi kay. thanks for starting your day with us. checking top stories now. post offices in and around the
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nation's capital on alert because of an envelope addressed to janet napolitano. that comes on the heels of a similar one. two packages delivered thursday ignited and injured two employe employees. twitter is ordered to hand over information from wikileaks and julian assange. the order is for things like subscriber names, screen names and addresses. it's part of the investigation into the leak of thousands of sensitive government cables and documents and the involvement or private manning. he's accused of leaking the information to wikileaks. after 16 years behind bars, two sisters are waking up free women today. friday, mississippi governor hailey barber released them on
8:31 am
the condition gladys gives a kidney to her sister. they spoke exclusively with soledad o'brien. >> how does it feel to be free. >> excellent. i don't have to have a wake-up call. it feels great. >> you look tired. >> i am tired. it's great. it's a dream come true. you dream so long. when it finally come, you scared to wake up because you scared it's not real. it's wonderful. >> when did you first get sick? >> they told me january of 2009. >> so you thought you might die in prison? >> yes. i thought i was going to die in prison. >> you can see much more of the remarkable interview in the 10:00 hour. time now to take a look at the hot topics on the cnn
8:32 am
political ticker. that includes names that could have an impact on the race for 2012. here is paul steinhauser. good morning, randi. let's talk about the next race for the white house. donald trump. for awhile he was flirting with running for the republican presidential nomination. he's seriously thinking about it. he's talking to friends and they are talking to us. check out what he said on john king. >> i'm considering it. i see what's going on with the country and how other countries are taking advantage of us. i see what opec is doing. when they talk about the economy getting better. it can't get better. every time it gets better, opec raises the price of oil and they drain the blood out of the country. i see what's going on and i am considering it. >> one thing that comes in handy is money and we know donald
8:33 am
trump has a lot of it. >> michael bloomburg got criticism for how the city handled the snowstorm a couple weeks back. check this out. new yorkers don't think so highly of him anymore. his approval rating is 37% now and was 50% in october. that's what i have. back to you. >> thank you very much, paul. arriving by car and leaving in a carriage. kate middleton officially becomes a princess. we'll explain in the morning passport. high profile court cases from last year are still playing out this year. sonney is going to tell us what is going on. moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks.
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up ♪ >> did you know, neither prince william nor his father would be in line for the throne of england if not for a love story that played out? before that, cheap knock offs of kate middleton's ring are hitting the market. where can we get them? >> china or brazil for $3. >> three bucks? >> we are going to hear a lot about kate, the ring, the sapphire and diamonds. >> first the dress, now the ring. >> the dress designer is a brazilian born british designer. have you ever heard of her? she is going to be a household name now. just a month ago, prince william's cousin got engaged. do you know who to? exactly. because she's 12th in line to
8:37 am
the throne. we only hear about it because it's incidental. >> it's all about kate right now. >> it's about kate and william because he is second in line to the throne. none of this would have happened if -- right now we have queen elizabeth who is the queen. her father was prince albert. he was only a prince. edward, his brother was supposed to be king. edward fell in love with a twice divorced woman and he had to give it up. it's how the current queen's father, albert became known as king george vi. >> you have done your research. >> this is what edward said. he knew twice divorced it meant losing the throne. after long and anxious
8:38 am
consideration, i have determined to renounce the throne and succeeded on the death of my father -- >> would you choose being the king over love? it's one of the greatest love stories of the world. there is a move vi out at the moment. a must see. it's called the king's speech. >> i have heard it's fantastic. >> it's based on the current queen of england's father who was king george vi. it's the king's speech. >> you need to spend time strengthening your diaphragm. >> fine. >> jack and jill went up the hill -- >> you see prince albert became the king had a terrible speech impediment. he never thought he was going to become king. when he hears that, he thinks he ought to get speech lessons.
8:39 am
it's a beautiful film that tells the story that impacts our lives now. >> so timely. >> it is. go see it. it's superb. looking at queen elizabeth as a child, they have an adorable girl playing her. kate middleton would not be a household name if it wasn't for prince edward marrying. >> it goes all the way back. >> if you think elvis is 76 today and this happened 75 years ago, we are being impacted and still listening to elvis music. >> did you get a cheap knock off ring? >> if i find a good one, i will. for $3, it will be my gift to you. >> how sweet. thank you. bullying and e-mail hacking. we preview high profile cases next. ♪
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8:41 am
some of last year's biggest headlines could become the highest criminal profiles. this is dr. william petit whose wife and daughters were killed. a second trial is next month. another is the amanda knox case. he was successful in getting a hearing for an appeal. one of the biggest high profile bullying cases to date.
8:42 am
phoebe prince commits suicide. if you have been tempted to read someone's e-mail, one of the most eye-opening cases involves this man. leon walker could face up to five years in prison for reading his wife's e-mail. joining us to talk about these cases and so much more, sonny from true tv. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> we are familiar with this case, the case of the petit family murders. the second defendant stands trial in the brutal home invasion three years ago. you covered the trial. i covered the crime when it happened. this is going to get a lot of attention because of the brutality. >> i think it struck a chord with america.
8:43 am
you have a family calling true evil. a home invasion strikes at the heart of the sanctity of our homes. it's going to get a lot of attention. he was the master mind behind this home invasion. steven hayes, the co-conspirator was given the death penalty. now, it's komar's time at trial. dr. petit and his family will be there every day of the trial as they were at steven hayes trial. one of the biggest cases of 2011 will be this case. >> how much do you think the diary that he's written in prison will play in court? in that, he admitted to the murders, even described how they handled their deaths with grace. it was disturbing stuff, as you know. >> it was disturbing. creepy, i think it was a
8:44 am
significant part of the trial. it was a part of steven hayes trial. they read parts of the diary. there's no question, it will be substantial in the trial in february. let's talk about amanda knox. a judge agreed to hear an appeal. how big of a deal is this that the judge is going to look at the case and order new dna tests linking her to the murder of her roommate? >> this is a big, big victory for the amanda knox team. the collection was shoddy and the results unreliable. a court determined the university of rome will review the dna evidence from the beginning. a new review. that was the evidence that tied her to the heinous crime. in terms of a victory, this was as big as it could get for the
8:45 am
defense team. >> if it turns out her dna is not on the handle of the knife, >> i think it could be. the international community really has come out in full force to indicate the dna testing for the amanda knox trial didn't meet the minimal standards of dna collection and analysis. italy has been embarrassed by the case and if the dna results are thrown out, i think we could see amanda knox free and back in the united states. >> a lot of folks talking about phoebe prince, the teenager driven to suicide by other teenagers now standing trial. one of the most well-known cases. how much do you think it will set the tone for bullying cases around the country? >> i think it's going to set the tone, actually. this, again, is a woman, a girl
8:46 am
who was bullied to death. at least that's the allegation here. sixte teens charged with the violations. three charged as juveniles three as adults. it shone the light and exposed the bullying epidemic we are see in schools. we will see legislation coming out. 2011 will be the year, in my view that bullying will be front and center stage as a crime as opposed to a schoolyard thing we have seen in the past. >> anyone who reads e-mail, this case has their attention. leon walker, accused of reading his wife's e-mails, now his ex-wife and hacking into them. is this a case of hacking? >> this is astounding. it's the case of the snooping spouse. how many spouses, not me myself
8:47 am
but how many spouses snooped in their spouses e-mail? this gentleman did that and he's been charged under an archaic st sta chut. the prosecutor thinks it has a strong case. they have been quoted as saying i have a good case. i'm going forward. he was hacking. i will say there's been just such a pushback from the legal community. i don't know that any jury is going to convict this man and send him to prison for five years. it's a case to watch though. >> i get the privacy, but come on. this seems crazy. beware. beware of reading anyone's e-mail. >> snooping spouses. >> look out. all right. always a pleasure. great to see you. >> you, too. win or go home.
8:48 am
the playoffs start today in the nfl. it's wild card weekend. we look at one of the bitter rivalries. a homeless man born with a voice of gold. finally getting the attention he deserves. and right now, a compe seafood dinner for two is just $29.99 at red lobster. you both get a fresh salad and irresistible cheddar bay biscuits. two entrees, from a menu of classic favorites and new creations. and your choice of either an appetizer or a dessert to share. your favorite seafood with your favorite person, just $29.99. for a limited time at red lobster. [ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this.
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any socket can. the volt only needs about a buck fifty worth of charge a day. and for longer trips, it can use gas. so get psyched. this is a big step up from the leafblower. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric.
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wild card weekend starts today in the nfl's postseason with the highlight being the indianapolis colts going
8:51 am
head-to-head with the jets. indianapolis is gearing up for all of us. ray is here to tell us about it. >> i worked in indianapolis for five years before coming to cnn. never knew how they did this. if you have watched a colts game at night, they see how the city lights up the buildings. it's the light and power building. they used to change the lights by hand. now, it's done by a flip of a switch. it's computerized. however, the new marriott, set to open next month, their horseshoe consists of 21 floors, 100 rooms, no computer program here. they have 21 employees who go to each room, they have to open the drapes. come have to be opened all the way, some half the way to get the perfect horseshoe. they have to shut power off to some of the building to get the horseshoe.
8:52 am
some of the rooms have permanent lighting. once it opens next month, they won't be able to do it. >> what is your job? >> i open the curtains. see the horseshoe, i did that. >> that's great. >> what is this about a disqualified golfer? >> i feel so bad for this guy. >> you have to. >> it started on thursday at the opener in hawaii. he's trying to get the ball up on the green. it rolls back. now, unknowingly, doesn't think about it, he swats away a piece of the grass. it's a rules violation. i have the rule here. it's rule 23-1, when a wall is in motion, a loose impedestrianment that might influence the ball must not be removed. nobody caught it at the time. nobody caught it. he finished the round, signed the golf card. they noticed it, called the bga
8:53 am
and said you didn't disqualify him for that. they said that's a rules violation. he was informed the next night, came back the next day, on his birthday, happy birthday, you are disqualified from the tournament. you signed an invalid score card. >> didn't it happen to another guy who stepped in. he didn't know it was a sand trap? >> it's happened before. it's happened a number of times before. guys signing an incorrect score card. had they told him about this before he signed that score card, they would have added two more strokes. dustin johnson is the one you are talking ability. another unfortunate situation. they understood. he said i understand. it's a rules violation. >> thank you. >> one guy, who has never been
8:54 am
disqualified is meteorologist reynolds wolf. i know you have never been disqualified on the golf course, right? >> the golf i play has a giant money k monkey. >> he's the put-put genius. >> exactly. in more than one way. you have no idea. you have no idea what kind of delays we are going to have. this is going to cause all kinds of back ups. as we fast forward to tomorrow's forecast, all along the gulf coast to parts of alabama to atlanta, we could see major delays into tomorrow night. expects delays, all of your new york metros due to the snow could be on the ground for over an hour. in d.c., all the metros there and into philadelphia. same story. all due to the snow. in los angeles, you are going to have a little bit of a back up. they can't do much about this.
8:55 am
closed runway. yeah, it's a bit of a problem. with the overflow, a 15 minute to 30 minute weight. in salt lake city and san francisco you might be on the tarmac for add an additional 30 minutes. it's due to the low clouds. that's a quick snapshot. in terms of delays, i expect them to stack up by tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon and the evening is where things could get crazy. if you are trying to go anywhere like arizona to watch the bcs football game, you are leaving for atlanta might be tough times. it strikes close to home. >> sure does. thank you. up next, why detroit is in the driver's seat with thousands of visitors showing up and millions of dollars pumped into the city. mnh-mnh. oh gosh! woo! it's this drab one-tone hair color, ick. yeah. let's szush it up. [ gigi ] try nice 'n easy with colorblend technology. in one simple step, get a blend of tones and highlights. so even in this lovely light,
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new wheels, new bank fees and a new jobs report that offers some hope for a recovering economy. here is poppy harlow, stephanie and allison. >> hi, randi. jobs were the focus on wall street. the latest gompbment report sthoed unemployment tumbled down
8:59 am
from 9.8%. analysts say the unusually large drop is misleading as many people gave up and stopped looking for work. they weren't counted in the unemployment rate. the economy added 103,000 jobs last month solidifying a recovery in the labor market. ben bernanke said at this pace, it will take five years for the job market to return to normal. he said the jobless rate will be high in two years, probably around 8%. despite the mixed jobs report, stocks hit a gain. the first week sets the tone for the year. stephanie. >> thanks allison. facebook could go public by 2012. they are worth $50 billion. that's triple the value from three years ago. bank of america is hitting customers with new checking account fees of $9 to $25 a month. some of the fees can be avoided by meeting minimum requirements.
9:00 am
other banks are doing the same. finally, ikea is pulling the plug on lightbulbs. they will stop selling bulbs in august. it comes ahead of a government mandate to phase them out by 2014 because they are not energy efficient. poppy. >> thanks. the auto show kicks off monday in detroit. auto makers are expected to build flashy displays and roll out 40 new vehicles. there's talk of a new toyota prius and gm will introduce a smaller buick. the focus is going to be on a lot of small cars and also u.s. auto makers. the home team is on top in terms of quality and owner satisfaction. the fourth quarter earning season. they will report earnings. expectations are high. reports on the labor markets,
9:01 am
inflation and retail sales will be released. back to you. randi. good morning. the wikileaks probe widens. this time, twitter is caught up. the court order focuses on julian assange. will it have an impact on how we use social media? we have the breakdown. >> oh, momma! >> two sisters served in prison together and are free for the first time in 16 years. overnight, an emotional reunion. the man with the golden voice puts it to use from homeless to employed. where will he work? it's early and we are on. from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. i'm randi kay in for t.j.
9:02 am
holmes. twitter is drawn into the federal investigation of wikileaks and julian assange. kate joins me live with much more. what do you have? >> this is interesting stuff. a federal judge ordered twitter to hand over information about some of the people linked to wick ki links including julian assange. he's the founder. as well as private bradley manning who is under arrest. also included is a supporter of wikileaks and the icelandic parliament. cnn obtained the court documents but has not confirmed their authenticity. in the order, they ask for the following information and more. subscriber names, user names,
9:03 am
screen names, e-mail addresses and bank account information and more. it appears the court order was issued on december 14th and we are learning about it now because the documents were unsealed. it's unclear what information twitter turned over to the federal government. she is ten days to stop it via legal process before twitter hands it all over. she also, speaking to cnn, called the process unacceptable. she says it shows how nervous the u.s. government is. >> we have been following this. why would you say this is so significant? >> of course begs the question, it's not like we see real new information coming out. it's offering us a into the
9:04 am
government's investigation and into the wikileaks site. most recently the diplomatic cables and documents. eric holder has been very careful to not discuss the specifics of their ongoing. they call it a criminal investigation. here is how he described the u.s. government efforts back in november. listen here. >> let me be very clear. this is, as i said, active ongoing investigation to the extent we can find anybody involved in the breaking of american law and who has put at risk the assets and the people i have described. they will be held responsibility. they will be held accountable. there are gaps in the law. we will move to close the gaps. it's not to say that anybody because of their citizenship is not a target or a subject of the
9:05 am
investigation that is ongoing. >> twitter gave a brief statement saying they are not going to comment on the specific requests but to help protect their users protect the rights, they have a policy to notify users and law enforcement requests. this falls in line with that, randi. we have quite a long way to go with this. it's just the beginning. >> it seems that way. yes. thank you, kate. coming up in minutes, we'll talk with jeffrey tuben about the social networking and privacy. you don't want to miss that. five minutes past the hour. lots of folks wondering if they are going to be able to get from point a to point b what is going on with their flights. here is the man with the answers. >> a few of the answers. >> i tried to build you up there. >> you did a good job. you could see delays in new
9:06 am
york. it's very easy to see. if you look at the radar image, snow showers near chicago or at least on the western side of michigan medding south. some of these across the tennessee valley going east. it's a good sign of rotation. that's the area of low pressure. we have the snow showers in new york. before the day is out you could see two to five inches of snowfall in downtown new york. however you may see more. some places approaching a foot of snowfall. another issue we are dealing with in the southeast, we have a lot of wind coming in. breezy conditions in atlanta and birmingham, alabama. a lot of cold air coming into place. south texas is pulling to the northeast. as we fast forward into tomorrow's forecast, it that has potential to create rain on the coast. in portions of the tennessee valley, ice. back in alabama, ice. atlanta, georgia, a half inch of
9:07 am
ice. many delays can be expected. it will be a stretch from louisiana into arkansas back into tennessee, mississippi, alabama, georgia into the carolinas and perhaps as far north as the appalachians. west virginia and huntington, you may get a combination of the ice and snow. some places more than the others. if you have a choice of the snow or ice, pick the snow. the ice can be crippling. if we have power outages, there's a possibility it could take a week or longer to restore power. frustrating times ahead. >> thanks. here are the other top stories we are keeping on eye on. new york police looking for this man in the possible killing of a tourist in a manhattan hotel. police say a 65-year-old man was beaten to death at the
9:08 am
intercontinental hotel. it was a tearful reunion in florida for a pair of sisters who walked out of prison friday. cnn was the only network there. the scott sisters released on the condition that gladys scott donates a kidney to her sister. otherwise, they would have waited until 2014 for a chance at parole. they spoke to soledad o'brien. >> at one point, i knew i wouldn't make it to 2014. >> you thought you were going to die? >> i thought i was going to die. seemed like my body was going down and my spirit was going down with it. >> we gonna fight this. i said your grandson needs you. she told me you gonna give me your kidney. i said yeah we both gonna have one kidney walking out of prison. >> that's video of them leaving the prison in mississippi. they drove to pensacola for a
9:09 am
reunion with their mother and children. tea party members just now taking their seats in congress. the senate majority leader says their survival is based solely on the economy. >> the tea party was born because of the economy. the economy is probably the worst it's ever been except the great depression. the tea party will disappear as soon as the economy gets better. the economy is getting better all the time. a boat tour of the louisiana coastline highlights a very ugly fact. there are areas covered in oil from the bp leak eight months ago. officials are expressing claims the clean up is just about complete. it led to this exchange between the coast guard commander on the scene. >> i put a girl that worked for the parish on the boat because
9:10 am
we were called sunday to have somebody out there. don't song and dance. if you want to get ugly don't throw [ bleep ] back at me. give me the money, let me put the plan together then you can blame me. don't tell me i got a voice in the way you put that crappy document that ain't worth the paper it's written on. it's bull [ bleep ] okay. don't [ bleep ] me off. i kept off the tv hoping you would do what you are supposed to do and you haven't done it so kiss my [ bleep ]. a marine corps is standing his ground over the american flag. he put up a 20-foot flag pole even though they denied his request. they are suing citing the height of the pole and the noise from
9:11 am
wind. >> this is for not only those that are serving now, those of us who served before but for the people that paid the ultimate price. that's why i'm flying the flag. >> all right. pay close attention here. this is something you don't see every day. it is an alligator there in the water. it's not rare in venice, florida. this one is orange. yes, orange. one local animal expert speculates it's an incomplete albino alligator. it still has some big. . some say it's mud or orange paint. no one, of course, wants to get that close to check. i can't say i blame them. the future of internet privacy and social networking could be thrown into a frenzy on
9:12 am
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the social networking site twitter is pulled into the investigation of wikileaks and julian assange. a federal judge ordered the site to cooperate. they want names and addresses of users. let's bring in jeffrey toobin who is joining us from new york. what do you make of this, the justice department ordering twitter to hand over the names and accounts of the people push thg information out there from wikileaks. how significant is it? >> caller: it's significant because it's what they do when they have a serious criminal investigation. people think everything is known about how wikileaks got the material, that is not true at all. the government has to figure out how it got from the people who had access, perhaps private manning. he's certainly the first person
9:16 am
charges, but may not be the only one to the people who put it on the web julian assange and company. it's unknown to the public and the justice department has a right to go into the electronic records of the people involve and see what they, you know, how they have been handling the information. >> yeah, the justice department, eric holder said they would prosecute anyone spreading the information. i guess they are following through on that. does twitter have a right to keep the information or will it go forward? >> caller: absolutely not. this is really just basic law enforcement procedure. if, for example, prosecutors, your phone records. you can go to the phone company. the bank records. you can go to the bank to see where you have been writing checks. it's the modern equivalent.
9:17 am
go to twitter or facebook and get an individual's record. you can't do it for no reason at all but prosecutors have the right to subpoena that like the financial records or any other kind of personal record. >> sure, anyone who uses social media says it's my right to tweet what i want. how can this happen? >> caller: i think people engaged in social media have less right to complain than people who have bank records. i think all of us assume that bank records are supposed to be private. and they are except when the government has a reason to get them. social media is at its core about putting information out in the social world. if you don't want people to know what you are thinking, don't tweet it. the idea that a tweet, once it's
9:18 am
out there is going to disappear like an e-mail might disappear. i don't think there are that many naive people left. i think most people realize once you start typing into a keyboard and sending something out into cyber space, there is no such thing as it disappearing. law enforcement, once engaged in serious offense is going to track it down. >> this could change social media forever. >> what do you think the next step might be? >> undoubtedly, a lot is going on behind the scene. what they do is they find the e-mail records of private manning who is already under arrest. he's the soldier accused of taking a huge volume of classified information and giving it to wikileaks. what law enforcement does is
9:19 am
look at his records, who has he e-mailed? you look at their records and those people's records. you follow it up the chain to determine how it got out. >> jeffrey toobin, we appreciate your coming on and talking to us about this. thank you. from homeless to hot commodity in a motter of days. the latest comeback appearance when we check out what's trending on the internet.
9:20 am
9:21 am
9:22 am
welcome back. if it is hot online, we are watching it for you. sandra endo is in washington tracking the stories on the web. what do you have for us? >> well, randi, trending big this week and of course this weekend, the jersey shore. a new season is under way. season three premiered thursday night on mtv. a new cast member is joining the bunch. snooki, look out. there's a new spoof that aired. >> i like music and i love to dance. ♪ >> i can solve a rubic's cube in
9:23 am
17.3 seconds. i enjoy gto, gardening, tea and literature. >> in the real show, the claws are already out. this video is trending and going viral. this is the way to really get married. take a look. a flash mob starts singing and dancing at a boston area mall, then here comes the bride and groom. ♪ >> the couple john and caroline say it was fun and perfect getting married among friends and family and a bunch of shoppers. trending this week, you have seen his face and you have heard his voice. the homeless man with a golden
9:24 am
voice. ted williams was discovered on the streets of ohio pan handling. overnight he became a huge sensation. he has a zillion job offers to be the voice of the cleveland cavaliers and kraft foods. he's even been offered a house. >> you are watching jimmie fallon. back to you jimmy. >> well, i'm sure if you flip to any channel or radio station, you will hear the golden voice. that is what's trending this weekend. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, twin weather trouble ahead. new england is in the bulls eye today. the south's turn tomorrow. details next in the top stories. more than $50 million can be earned by schools just like yours! buy participating products now, to earn your school's share of more than $50 million!
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast. [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kao. welcome back. 27 minutes past the hour. checking top stories for you now. an anti-american shiite returned to iraq after three years of self-imposed exile in iran. he called for iraqis to unite
9:28 am
and end the fighting among the ethnic and religious groups. dangerous mail in d.c. a package ignited at a postal sorting building. it was addressed to homeland security secretary janet napolitano. it was similar to two that ignited in maryland offices. sisters gladys and jamie scott arrived at their mothers home about six hours ago. they spent 16 years behind bars for armed robbery. they walked away with 11 bucks. they were released on the exception gladys would give a kidney to jamie. heavy snow and ice is expected to have an impact on
9:29 am
snow and air travel around the country. we are back at the top of the hour with more news and these stories. a hero for anyone frustrated by spam in their e-mail inbox. one man fought back and became a millionaire in the process. he joins us live with the story. mario armstrong is back with must haves from the consumer electronic show. it's guaranteed to make the next road trip a peaceful one. thank you for joining us. we'll see you in 30 minutes. "your bottom line" starts right now. a new year and call your attention optimism that 2011 will be a better year for your money. good morning and welcome to "your bottom line." the much anticipated recovery in real estate isn't here yet. yes, the unemployment rate is high. here are five reasons to feel better. number one, the debt purge continues.


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